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Hip-Hop Tips for Public Speaking – Ice-T’s Ten Rules

If you are looking for public speaking tips, look no further than Ice-T. Musician, actor, CEO, record producer, screenwriter, author: whatever hat he’s wearing at the moment, when he speaks you listen. When Ice-T offered up his 10 rules of public speaking we thought we should pay attention. Keep reading for his 10 rules along with some of our own commentary.
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Public Speaking Training – Three Ways to Find Material

One area rarely covered during public speaking training is where the speaker finds the material to include in their speech. As important as it is that you know how to speak well in a public setting it is even more important to know what to say. You will often hear the cliché, “it’s not what they said, it’s the way they said it,” implying that the delivery was what was so impressive. While this is true to a certain extent you will always find that the content of the speech still must be memorable or the delivery would have been forgotten. The value of public speaking comes from the ideas the speaker creates in the minds of the audience and what actions it leads them to take, not just the short lived charm and amusement it produces. Continue reading